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Fulfilling the UN75 Declaration’s Promise Expert Series Readout #6

Event Summary

Synthesis of Major Insights and Recommendations

Contributed by Stimson Center

Posted 18 June 2021

Published in collaboration with Coalition for the UN We Need and CIVICUS.
On May 12, 2021, a consortium of independent civil society organizations took part in the sixth roundtable of the “​Fulfilling the UN75 Declaration Expert Series,” where thought leaders from global civil society engaged UN Missions and Secretariat officials in a candid dialogue on progress, challenges, and further measures needed to meet two of the twelve commitments presented in the ​UN75 Declaration​. This discussion, sponsored by the Coalition for the UN We Need, CIVICUS and the Stimson Center, in association with the Elders, addressed the UN75 Declaration commitments #8 on “We will upgrade the UN” and #9 on “We will ensure sustainable financing.”
The series is intended to take stock of progress toward achieving the twelve UN75 Declaration commitments, introduce alternative institutional, policy, and normative measures for improving implementation, and consider steps for achieving such reforms, including a possible follow-on intergovernmental process as recommended in the ​Eminent Persons Open Letter signed by 49 former world leaders and UN officials. The expert series aims to contribute insights and concrete proposals for consideration in the Secretary-General’s forthcoming (​Our Common Agenda​) report—expected to be released by September 2021, prior to the UN General Assembly (UNGA) High-Level Week.
The roundtable’s lead-off speakers included: His Excellency Lakhdar Brahimi, former Algerian Foreign Minister and UN Special Envoy to Syria; Lysa John, Secretary General, CIVICUS; Tetet Nera-Lauron, Advisor for Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung; Richard Ponzio, Senior Fellow and Director, Global Governance, Justice and Security Program, Stimson Center; and (moderatorJeffery Huffines, Senior Advisor, Coalition for the UN We Need.

1The opinions, assessments, valuations, positions and, where applicable, judgements expressed are within the responsibility of the authors or the individual persons making the corresponding statements in this publication, which aims to capture and distill, while employing the Chatham House Rule, the ideas conveyed by the 12 May 2021 expert roundtable participants. They do not necessarily and not in every case correspond to the positions and opinions of the event co-sponsors and all participants.


Fulfilling the UN75 Declaration’s Promise Expert Series Experts Roundtable 6


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